You Can Teach Yourself to Edit

So you’ve written a business report, a magazine article, a short-story, a manuscript, even a press release or a thesis … but it still lacks “finish”.

How do you get that diamond out of the rough without incurring the cost of a professional?

How is “essence” different from “excess”?

How do you achieve a high-gleam polish that would make your client, publisher or editor sit up and take notice?

Editing Edge Workshop

The Write Co.’s workshop, Editing Edge, is designed to help writers and editors of all kinds to sharpen the cutting-edge of their editing.

“What many freelance editors don’t tell you out there,” says course facilitator, Morné Malan, “is that most of the expensive work they do for writers and authors can be done – at no actual cost – by the writer him- or herself.”

It makes sense that self-editing work is cheaper. Once a writer has the basics of language practice down and his confidence in his English skills is boosted, there is simply no reason to pay someone to do his dirty work for him. In fact, writing improves drastically on the first draft.

“You’re not wasting time on redundacies and superfluous wording,” says Malan.

Morné Malan Speaks from Experience

Malan speaks from experience: he has spent two years at a PR firm, writing and self-editing press releases; two years at a publishing house, working as a journalist and online editor for a trade rag; and no less than seven years as a bilingual copywriter and translator in the advertising industry.

On top of this, Morné is a published short story author and is currently completing a PhD in English.

“Writing has always been one half of my life. Self-editing is the other.”

Editing Edge is a one-day workshop presented at the Write Co.’s offices in Bryanston on Friday 23 May: 09:00 to around 14:30, tea breaks and a light lunch included.

The workshop will cover the following aspects:

An introduction to editing and self-editing

  • Punctuation
  • Syntax, tenses and concord
  • Formatting
  • Figures of Speech and Style
  • Editing practice
  • Commonly confused words and expressions

Facilitators include Nicci Stewart, Paula Marais, Anthony Ehlers and Morné Malan.

Book NOW because places are limited.

Call Wiida at The Write Co at 011 706-4021 or e-mail


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