Write Co. Graduate Shines in NB Publishers’ Romance Novel Competition

Yet another Write Co. student has made it to the top!

Marida Fitzpatrick recently took third place in NB Publishers and Leserskring’s Die liefde is vir ewig romance competition. Her novel Eksklusief uit Eden will be published by NB Publishers and is set to hit the shelves in September this year.

Marida had the following to say about her book: “Although the competition was for romance novels, I tried to work in a lot of humorous chicklit elements, seeing as there are virtually no Afrikaans novels in the chicklit genre. The main character, Mia Bindeman, is not your typical romance heroin and I hope especially young Afrikaans women will enjoy her humour and her adventures.”

Skrywers Skryf

This budding young author attended Skrywers Skryf at The Write Co. in 2007. This is the Afrikaans version of The Write Co.’s extremely successful novel writing course, Writers Write, which has produced no fewer than 33 published authors to date. “I would honestly never have been able to write Eksklusief uit Eden if I hadn’t attended the course,” comments Fitzpatrick. “Not only did it give me the practical tools to be able to plan a plot and characters, but it also inspired me and gave me the self-confidence to actually sit down and do it.”

Skrywers Skryf course facilitator, Morné Malan, translated the course from the original English and adjusted the content specifically for the Afrikaans popular market. His own manuscript, Suiderkruis, won the Best Debut category in the Sanlam/Insig Groot Roman-wedstryd last year. Marida adds: “Morné’s no frills approach made me belief that I can write a novel without having to write a literary masterpiece. He helped me conquer the “white page fear” and helped and supported me tremendously throughout the process. I would recommend this course to anyone who dreams of writing a novel. It gives you the practical tools and makes you believe that you can actually use them successfully.”

The Right Tools and a Little Encouragement

Morné is also positive about the value of Skrywers Skryf and Writers Write for first-time authors. “If you’re passionate about writing a novel, all you need is the right tools and a little encouragement,” he says. “Our courses offer this in droves. Marida is proof of that. We cut through the academic claptrap and get back to the basics of good novel writing: a strong plot, intriguing characters, dazzling dialogue and original descriptions. And they are an absolute hoot to attend, so lots of fun is par for the course.”

Writers Write is presented every month as a series of four workshops on Saturdays, or as eight evening workshops during the week. Depending on enquiries and bookings, Skrywers Skryf will be presented again in June or July.

Both courses are now available per correspondence, which offers more personal and detailed feedback from the facilitators. Correspondence courses are available immediately and are presented via e-mail.

For all enquiries about The Write Co.’s courses, please call Wiida at 011 706 4021 or 079 875 3719, or e-mail info@thewriteco.co.za For more information about The Write Co and its facilitators, visit www.thewriteco.co.za


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