A Little Grave Humour – Write Your Own Epitaph


What epitaph would you write on your own gravestone?

And the winner is…

Rita Houghton

“Ever in our thoughts. Here lies Rita Houghton, writer. Finally, an original plot.”

Top Ten Entries

“I wanted to be cremated” – Mary Mestre

“Email postfromtheghost.com” – Terry Levin

“God had a plan when he made Jan.” – Jan Fitzgerald

‘Dolphins, unicorns, angels, Islands, Oceans, Full moons, Candles, Incense, Midnight magic… This was Elizabeth” – Elizabeth Badenhorst

“At least I wrote this before I signed off.” – Dion Francois

“Look on me as you walk by
Where you are now – so was I.
Where I am now so will you be.
As you walk by make sure you see.”
– Sandi McKenzie

“He did it standing up.
He did it on his knee.
Sometimes in a pick-up,
Sometimes for a fee.
He enjoyed it in a souk
As long as there was light.
He didn’t mind if you looked
As long as there was light.
He did it in the attic,
On his desk and in the loo.
He did it in the Pacific,
In Tokyo and Waterloo.
With pen and paper in his hand.
Did you know? Did you guess?
That he was nothing more, nothing less
Than a writer until his end.”
– Georges Jaumain

“Dr Alec Chemaly will be painfully remembered, not only for filling the caverns of our empty souls. But as much for drilling the enamel of our rotting holes…” – Dr Alec Chemaly

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