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The Lighter Side of: TRAVEL

By Tanya van Eyk

I decide now is the time and check the bank balance. With immense enthusiasm, I start to plan my overseas holiday. Settling on my destinations, I charge into my first port of call, the travel agency. Blinded briefly by all the glossy, exciting brochures, I seize as many as I can and depart.

Back home, I pour over the brochures. Paper everywhere, scribbles comparing this tour to that tour. I examine one package which offers a spectacular scenic route (sitting in the bus watching the countries fly by), with an odd stop at a castle or museum thrown in. But wait, I can get more, I can actually do some sight seeing for only an extra…..What! I still need to eat. My bank balance groans. Despondency sets in.

Several days later, I am fired up again. I begin to investigate other options. What about a do it yourself tour? I will need to choose my destination carefully. I do not want to view the world through steel vertical bars, all because I requested a toasted, chicken and mayonnaise and offended the local culture. Re-examining my bank balance, I wonder if an organized tour would not be the better option, even though safety is not a guarantee.

Again weighting up my options, I delve into more paper work, more scribbles and exchange rate calculations. Gloomily, my rand does not stretch very far. Wow, I can get about 170 won for my rand. Now which country uses won? No, South Korea has never held any appeal. I could always use the backup plan. Stay with friends and family, with whom I never speak, so they begrudging put me up for awhile.

Finalizing my itinerary, I telephone a travel agency. On the other end is, “I’m busy, I’ll get back to you”. In anticipation I leave my number. Several days later, I am still awaiting that call back. So I opt to go the face-to-face route. That way there is no escape. I will stand my ground, I will see someone, I will never…. “A consultant will see you now.” Brimming over with excitement, I eagerly share my travel plans. Her expression says it all. I scream internally. Is no one interested in helping? My enthusiasm shredded, clutched in my hand, in the form of one piece of paper. I leave, dejected. Maybe I should just paint my house.


Felicite Perkins

She was dressing to go out. She’s always going out. Every morning, and sometimes in the evening, she looks at her jewellery and decides what to wear to match her outfit.

I must say that she makes all of us feel very special – we who are in the jewellery cupboard.   Some of us are absolutely beautiful. All of us hope she will choose us when she is deliberating.

I was beautifully made, my appearance being that of another era. The fine filigree and amber stones match a lot of her outfits, and she never forgets about me.

About a week ago we went to a place where she is learning how to write a book. The most alarming and terrifying incident of my life happened on that day.    I fell off her ear onto the bricks, even though I was trying to hold on for my life. Of course she didn’t hear my screams.

I lay there for what seemed a lifetime, bitterly cold, scared and very worried. Suppose I was never found?    The thought was too horrific to contemplate.  I did hear some people talking about me; they were looking for me, and all the time I could see huge human feet.  I felt quite desperate. By this stage I was too weak to cry out, but then humans don’t know the sound of a jewellery call.

Three days later, when I had given up all hope, I felt a soft hand pick me up.  It felt so warm and snugly, and smelt nice. This must be a fairy princess, I thought, and she did have blonde hair. When she went inside, she put me on the table and I heard the very heart-warming sound of her  voice. She sounded so delighted to have me back and was so grateful to the blonde lady, as was I.

When we got home, I was put back with my partner who told me how upset she had been. Well, I’m home now, and it feels really grand!


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