Urban 04 – Calling for Stories

David Chislett sent the following request:

In 2001, Urban One was published by Spearhead, an imprint of New Africa Books. The title was a vehicle to showcase brand new, previously unpublished writers, and a method of creating access to market for a host of new voices. It was followed in 2002 and 2003 by volumes 2 and 3.

Now, after a five year hiatus, Urban 04 is set to be compiled and released in 2008. As is befitting after such a break, a few things have changed with the concept as well. Think of it as a metamorphosis to suit the times.

In 2008, we are approaching specific writers for stories as well as making a general call for submissions. We will be paying each successful author for the use of their story. We will be using a small selection of photographers and artist to illustrate the book. We will be selling the book though the normal channels as well as an informal vendor system and of course via the authors.

The Brief:

For Urban 04 we are looking for the voice of a new breed of writers. A voice that is new, powerful and totally South African. Stay away from typical short stories and their narratives, reach into your daily experience of life in South Africa today and tell us what you see, hear and feel.

The object of Urban 04 is to demonstrate the new spirit and attitude that lives in the heart of South Africa as represented by you, the writers. This is a chance to stand up, say your say, and use a voice that typically does not have much of a platform.

Length: 3 500 maximum, 1 200 minimum
Language: English
Publishing Date: September 2008
Deadline: 16 July 2008
Submit to: david@dcpm.co.za


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