Over 50 and Fearless

Left, one of the co-writers / editors, Jill Marais with Dream Big winner, Wilma du Toit

What’s changed for you since you hit the fabulous fifties, the super sixties and the splendid seventies? What’s it like to be eighty plus and still going strong? Is there a funny side? Have you got an amusing anecdote which others could share?

We think our combined experiences will make for fun and insightful reading.

We aim to publish a collection of these vignettes in book form and are looking for articles of between 500 to 1 000 words. We’ll edit with your approval or if you’d prefer to recount your story, we’ll tape or telephone.

The topics are endless but could include:

  • What happened at your school reunion? Four weddings and a funeral, not to mention the odd divorce!
  • The leap from parenthood to grandparenthood; the decision to downsize
  • The upside of retirement
  • Medical matters – all those knee and hip replacements. Keeping fit, the travel bug and new hobbies to take you out of your groove
  • Viagra have you tried it?

All contributions will be acknowledged, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. And if you haven’t reached your half-century, please forward to a friend who has.

Get those fingers tapping. We’d like to put something together in the next few months. Contact us to bounce off your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

Fifty plus and still hanging in there, we are –

Jackie Kelly – jackie.kelly@icon.co.za
082 655 8284

Jill Marais – jill.marais@gmail.com
082 561 0912


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