The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition 2008

Although the name suggests this poetry competition is national it is in fact international.

Whether you are an established poet or someone new to writing, winning often provides the essential spur to take your writing further. It is also an exciting opportunity to have your poems read by three of today’s leading poets, booster the coffers with £5,000 prize money, appear at the Ledbury Poetry Festival 2009, add your name to the long prestigious list of past winners, free annual membership of the Poetry Society and – if all that wasn’t enough  – an annual subscription for Aesthetica Magazine, the new media partner for the competition. The judges this year are Frieda Hughes, Jack k Melanie and Brian Patten.

You can enter now at

The competition is the longest running poetry prize and since it began back in 1978 has turned the spotlight on some exciting new poetry stars, as well as giving further encouragement to already established poets.

As well as entering the National Poetry Competition 2008 to discover your own potential, you can judge your own favourite competition winner from the past 30 years at


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