How Do you Turn an Engineer into a Writer?

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

Facts are no longer just facts.

Does your reader understand them?
Can you point out problems without being offensive?
Companies are starting to treat business writing with the respect it deserves.

This poses the question: How do you turn an engineer into a writer?
The simple answer: You train them.

“In most cases the ability is there. It just needs to be developed,” says Nicci Stewart, project manager at The Write Co. “In my experience people have a tendency to ‘go with the flow’. It’s easier and quicker to do things the way they have always been done. Jargon. Passive voice. Never-ending sentences. These are common mistakes in business writing. If you make people aware of them, and the negative impact they have on their work, they will correct them.”

So where do you begin? A few simple rules of writing. A basic knowledge of editing. And a willingness to improve your work, that’s all it takes.

The Write Company offer several courses to meet these needs.

  • Strategic Press release: 15 July
  • Writing for Print Media: 17 July
  • Edit your own writing: 25 July
  • Report Writing: 29 July

Nicci explains: “Our courses are designed to give people a good understanding of business writing. We provide them with the tools to check their own work and produce a quality product.”

Companies, and the people within them, are starting to value the art of writing.
The facts of reports and proposals will always be important.
How they are written has become more important.

“Most companies don’t know that their readability statistics are only understood by 20-30% of their audience,” adds Amanda Patterson, CEO, The Write Co. “They will have to change this to compete in a crowded market.”

For more information on the business writing courses offered by The Write Co, contact Wiida on 011 706-4021, or mail

Tel: (011) 706-4021
Fax: (011) 252-8890
1st Floor, East Wing, Coral House, 20 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Bryanston.

Cape Town:
Tel: (021) 462 7580
Fax: (086) 617 3046, 11C, Eleven on Buiten, 11 Buitensingel Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8018

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