Enter Now for the Nova Short Story Competition

The Nova Short Story Competition is an annual competition for budding writers of science fiction and fantasy short stories.

The Nova Short Story Competition for 2008 is now open for entries. Closing date 30 September 2008.

For more details have a look at the South Afican Science Fiction Club Website.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know where to enter the competition but here is my story.

    Chapter 1
    All About Larry

    Larry Parish is an awkward child, he lives with his parents at Saddleworth Drive; number 6 to be precise. He has an older brother his name is Will. Will is 11 months older than Larry. At the age of twelve Larry is able to go to the corner shop to get some bread, milk and other things for his mum, but sometimes he takes advantage of his mum. Like last Tuesday for instance, Larry’s mum asked him to go get her 4 pints of milk and when he came back he had bought 2 pints of chocolate milk. The only words people can describe Larry as are:
    Weird and sometimes,
    A total idiot!!! This book contains things from Larry’s diary. There will be crying, laughing and maybe a bit a squealing. Larry will be in all sorts of trouble which he thinks are pretty cool.

    Chapter 2
    The Design

    4th May 2007
    Today was just another boring day at school. Miss asked us to think of a design of clothing for tomorrow because apparently we are going to have a go making our own clothes. How BORING!!!! Life just doesn’t get any better does it?
    Once I had finished the more important things in life like:
    A game of footy with my mates,
    Watching telly,
    Playing Knocky-Knocky-Eye-Door on the old lady next door and other things like that, I decided to have a go at my homework. I tried thinking of an outfit not only I would wear but everyone could, like a unisex piece of clothing, but that didn’t work. So I stuck to men’s clothing for now. I decided to do a holiday outfit. I started searching through my wardrobe looking for ideas. After a few minutes I found short sleeved T-shirt, a baggy pair of shorts and a worn out pair of flip-flops; with not many ideas I picked up my pencil, grabbed a piece of paper from the printer, took in a deep breath and said…
    “I’m stumped.”

  2. Megan
    All you need to do is to click the link in the blogpost about the Nova Competition. You will see all the rules on the website. Unfortunately it doesn’t help to send us your short stories in a blog post comment. We aren’t involved with the competition at all. But Amanda does have monthly Poetry competitions, and occasional short story competitions – so why don’t you join her groups on Facebook.

  3. […] I found this here on Amanda’s Book Club.  Looks like a nice blog – worth a […]

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