Want to Browse Famous Writers’ Bookshelves? Then Look at LibraryThing…

Don’t you often wonder what books famous writers have on their bookshelves?

I guess we all just assume that famous writers read the same kind of books as those they write.

Graeme Allister of the Guardian recently wrote this fascinating blogpost about famous writers’ bookshelves.

Do you share interests with James Joyce, WH Auden or any other writer? Find out on a site fast becoming the world’s biggest book club.

What do Sylvia Plath and Tupac have in common? Aside from enduring influence, dying in their prime and being worshipped by a certain type of teenager, both shared a love for JD Salinger, Herman Melville and John Steinbeck. It’s one to bear in mind for those idle hours spent deciding seating plans for fantasy dinner parties.

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