37 Published Authors for The Write Co

Amanda Patterson, founder and CEO of The Write Co, created Writers Write, one of the most successful creative writing courses in South Africa, almost five years ago. Lizet Engelbrecht is the 37th student of the course to be published.

Lizet Engelbrecht recently received the good news that her Afrikaans romance novel, entitled Sewe dae, has been snatched up by NB Publisher’s popular Melodie imprint. The book is set to hit the shelves later this year.

Sewe dae,” says Lizet, “has all the ingredients of a compelling love story for the woman of today. The protagonist is Esméralda Smit: a strong, career-focused woman who thinks she has everything made with a successful lecturing job, financial security, and no desire whatsoever for romance. But then, owing to the influence of her best friend Sonja, the headstrong Esméralda gets involved in a charity project, and who strolls into her life but the successful businessman Pierre Vaz? Irresistible blond fringe … scrumptious grey eyes … will Esméralda be tempted?”

This budding author completed Skrywers Skryf via correspondence in 2007. This is the Afrikaans version of The Write Co.’s extremely successful novel writing course, Writers Write, which has produced no fewer than 37 published authors to date. “Every potential author should consider doing this course,” comments Lizet. “And believe me, I have tried all the self-help books out there: Leslie Wainger, Sol Stein, Stephen King and others. But the first truly helpful guidance came from Skrywers Skryf.” Lizet also emphasises the great value of the detailed personal attention and feedback which she received as part of the course.

Skrywers Skryf facilitator, Morné Malan, translated the content from the original English and adjusted the focus specifically for the Afrikaans market. He is positive about the value of both Skrywers Skryf and Writers Write for first-time authors. “If you’re passionate about writing a novel, all you need is the right tools and a little encouragement,” he says. “Lizet is proof of that. Our courses get back to the basics of good writing: a strong plot, intriguing characters, dazzling dialogue and original descriptions.”

Writers Write is presented monthly as a series of four workshops on Saturdays, or as eight evening workshops during the week. Depending on enquiries and bookings, Skrywers Skryf will be presented again in October. Both courses are available immediately per correspondence, and are presented entirely via e-mail.

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For all enquiries about The Write Co.’s courses, please e-mail info@thewriteco.co.za

For more information about The Write Co and its facilitators, visit www.thewriteco.co.za


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