Exciting Conference for Crime Writers

One of my readers, a crime writer, sent me this blog post from one of her favorite blogs- The Graveyard Shift by American Crime Scene Investigator and Writer, Lee Lofland who has written the very useful Police Procedure and Investigation, A Guide For Writers

Have you ever wished you had the time, money, and opportunity to attend a writers conference, a book festival, a police academy, and all the forensics classes you can stand in one action packed weekend?

Well, I’m pleased to announce that the Mad Anthony Writers Conference in Hamilton, Ohio (just outside Cincinnati) has made that dream weekend a reality. On April 17-18, 2009 I’m joining forces with the Mad Anthony folks to host a Police Academy for Writers as part of this wonderful conference and book festival.

All police procedure and forensics workshops will be taught by active and retired police officers, detectives, ATF special agents, and forensics experts (some pretty famous ones, too). These knowledgeable professionals are top in their fields and will be lecturing as well as conducting hands on demonstrations of real police tools and equipment.

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