Writing Disposable Romances

By Amanda Patterson

There’s something we don’t speak about much outside of the sanctity of the writing school’s walls.

It’s this desire – some might say obsession – to write romances for Mills & Boon.

The powerful pound has clout.

Tens of thousands of pound sterling per novel can’t be taken lightly.

Even you could do that, couldn’t you? Without breaking a sweat.

You’re wrong.

Writing a book is hard work. Writing a believable modern day Cinderella story of 40 – 50 000 words is difficult.

After all, where does one find that elusive single billionaire?

And, how does one make it sound plausible that he’s just waiting for our poor heroine to complicate his life?

Where do they meet?

What do they argue about for 180 pages?

And more importantly how does an author create exciting love scenes?

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