On Writing, by Amanda Patterson

Amanda PattersonA 360 page novel begins with one sentence.

Do not wait for inspiration. It’s never on time.

You can have your book or you can have your excuses. You can’t have both.

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Write as if you’ll die today.

You have permission to write badly.

One page a day is a 365 page novel in a year.

Tell your story not because you understand it, but because you don’t.

A good author doesn’t have to say a word. Her writing speaks for itself.

If you can’t explain your plot in 30 seconds, I don’t want to read your novel.

If you have to explain your book to me, rewrite it. I doubt that you will be there when I’m reading it.

Setting is character. Character is setting.

Gathered from creating, and teaching the course, Writers Write, 34 Authors Published since 2002

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